Why You Should Integrate Landscapers App in Project Planning

Why You Should Integrate Landscapers App in Project Planning

Published on: 08-10-2014 | by Misty in Landscapers App, App for Landscapers, Mobile Workforce, Paperless, Mobile Forms, Digital Forms, Paperless Forms

Your landscaping company may be providing day to day jobs for your teams of expert landscapers, but at its heart, your company still works through projects. Each client is a project, and every project requires careful planning. This is especially true in your case where you are being paid to undertake these projects. Every step should be meticulously laid out and pre-conceptualized so that, when the ball starts rolling, it runs smoothly.

It is a must that you have tools integrated into the process early on, and these tools include Landscapers App. While its usefulness is touted to be strongest in workflows where a project is ongoing, it can actually be a big help to start by integrating the app into your project planning. But why put an app that is designed primarily for improving existing workflows into pre-conceptualization?

The App Keeps Client Information Accessible

The app is actually designed to provide landscapers a means of letting paper go as a major part of their day-to-day operations. In landscaping, specifically, you need to keep copies of the client’s specifications for the project. But, with paper gone, how do you make that accessible to your mobile workforce? That’s easy. Landscapers App has an e-Resource library into which you can upload that data. From that point on, your foremen or anyone in your field teams can download that information into their mobile devices.

By integrating the app into the project planning phase, you already have the means for effective resource sharing as well as a completely paperless method of accessing plans and reference materials to bring about the client’s plans to fruition. The resource center supports images so you can have high resolution and highly detailed reference materials for your workforce right where they can access it when they need to.

You Can Prepare the Forms Required

Finally, since every landscaping project is customized to a client’s needs, there may be different forms required for that specific project. The pre-planning phase is definitely the right occasion to discuss these project-specific mobile forms that will be designed using App for Landscapers. At this point, you still have the client to go over and approve the data that will be filled up using the forms. This will save you from the headaches of having to revise the digital forms later on when the project has been green-lit. Although it takes only a few minutes to create these paperless forms, you would want to create them at that phase of the project.

Discover more ways to integrate Landscapers App in your project planning. It will definitely be our pleasure to accommodate your questions and educate you about this app. Take our tour today!

Image source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56adbtVUTU4

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