Why Implementing Landscaping Software Means More Happy Clients

Why Implementing Landscaping Software Means More Happy Clients

Published on: 05-11-2014 | by Misty in Landscaping Software, Landscapers App, Digital Forms, Mobile Forms, Mobile Workforce

When you have just started working on your landscaping business, it was fairly easy to keep your clients satisfied or, rather, to keep yourself secure in the thought that your men are working hard to ensure clients’ satisfaction. That is because you are there to manage them, to coach them on what the clients want, and what they should do. However, you cannot do that anymore when your business has already succeeded on the first part and expanded.

Perhaps that is already the time for you to start thinking about making significant new investments to support the growth of your landscaping business. When doing so, you should make decisions with a mind not only for growing the biz but also to keep the clients you have coming continually satisfied in order to have a long term solution to invest in. Invest in a solution, perhaps, such as the Landscaping Software to assist you in your wider scope of management.

What the App Helps You Do in Terms of Management

The app has been intelligently designed to cater to what you need exactly and, in this case, what you need is a management solution that allows you to seamlessly monitor and watch over your landscaping teams even from a distance.
First, the Landscaping Software allows you to shift from paperwork to reporting that uses digital forms accessible through your workforce’s mobile devices. This eliminates the mumbo jumbo that is associated with paper-based reporting. Come to think of it, it’s impossible to create a real-time reporting situation with paper submissions. With this system, however, reports are instantly submitted to home base.

The reports become a Pin in the Map, which comes with the Landscapers App Portal that you use to perform management duties. The Pin actually represents a myriad of information that is derived from the mobile forms that are sent back as reports to headquarters. Through that, you can determine which Project the team the Pin represents is working in, how it is going, the pace of their work and others. This way, you can request additional digital forms to find out their actual status.

How the App Keeps Clients Happy

Here is how you can take full advantage of the software to keep your clients happy:

Continually request progress reports with pictures.
Landscaping clients are very touchy about their projects, and it is your responsibility to make sure of that. By continually requesting your landscapers to submit reports with images using the Landscaping Software, you can keep yourself constantly updated and the clients too. They can use those images to give feedback.

Upload client preferences in the e-Resources module.
Clients will have reference images always available when they begin any landscaping project. Make use of the software’s Resources module to have these reference images available for your
mobile workforce.

There are a myriad of possibilities waiting for you when you decide to invest in the Landscaping Software. Find out more about these possibilities. Take our tour today!

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