Top 3 Concerns Addressed Effectively by Free Software for Landscapers

Top 3 Concerns Addressed Effectively by Free Software for Landscapers

Published on: 26-11-2014 | by Misty in Free Software for Landscapers, App for Landscapers, Landscapers App, Mobile Workforce, Smart Forms, Digital Forms

It is entirely natural for businessmen like yourself to be wondering what they can get out of investing in the Free Software for Landscapers. How can it benefit your company? Specifically, what areas of improvement does this software lend its helping hand to? Understanding this, naturally, will give you a look at what the overall benefits are in deciding to subscribe to this app for your business.

Three Prime Concerns by Landscapers

As a landscaping business manager, you have more or less been plagued by these three concerns and how you can improve on them to make your company more productive and easier to manage.

First of these three concerns is efficiency. Are you able to give yourself and your entire mobile workforce the means to work smoothly and without hitches? Efficiency is very important in fostering productivity. Your teams should encounter no red tape or bureaucratic delays in getting their reports and concerns across. Moreover, you, as a manager, should also encounter no roadblocks in managing your entire workforce.

Second is transparency. Do you know exactly what each individual member of your workforce is doing at any given moment? Are their reports accurate and reliable? The last thing you need is a collection of employees who are pretending to be productive when what they actually do is work hard one day, slack off the next day, and make it up the following day.

Last, but most important, is security. Are your data secure in the hands of your mobile workforce? Are you at risk of data theft because you are still using paper for your reports? Securing your own, and your client’s, sensitive data is highly important because it will affect your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable landscaping company.

Now let us discuss how this Free Software for Landscapers can help you out with these concerns.

The Features That Help

The App for Landscapers addresses those three concerns with these features:

Fully digital forms and workflow
The app is designed to implement a workflow that is 100% mobile. In submitting reports, for example, your employees use smart forms that are filled out and submitted using their mobile devices. That alone shaves as much as 10-15 minutes off the ordinary turnaround time for your employees in making reports.

Real-time status updates in Portal
To address transparency, the software comes with a Portal that allows you to monitor your employees remotely. For example, it has a Map that allows you to update yourself with the status of each team and, collectively, each Project in real time. This way, you can push your entire company’s productivity up by 50% at the least.

Three-layered security
Landscapers App ensures the security of your data by allowing you to impose three levels of restrictions on users’ access. For instance, you can make sure that Tier 1 employees – your field workers – can only access digital forms and not the Portal.

There is more to using Free Software for Landscapers than meets the eye. Discover how you can take advantage of its great features. Take our tour today!

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