Stay Faithful to Client Designs with Commercial Landscaping App

Stay Faithful to Client Designs with Commercial Landscaping App

Published on: 29-10-2014 | by Misty in Commercial Landscaping App, Landscapers App, Mobile Workforce, Paperless

Landscaping is a very challenging business to be in. Unlike buildings – which apparently look like each other except for some minor design differences – landscaping really requires one to be meticulous. That’s because clients want their landscaped gardens to look as unique as possible, and it is very easy to spot when one garden is a mere copy of the other. That is where the Commercial Landscaping App comes in to help you as a professional landscaper.

What is a Commercial Landscaper’s App?

The Landscapers App is a mobile solution designed primarily to provide a paperless solution for businessmen engaged in the niche of landscaping. With its impressive suite of features, you can make possible a lot of changes to your professional landscaping firm through which you might not recognize your own system in the end. That is how revolutionary and how life-changing investing in Commercial Landscaping App is.

So How Does It Help You Stay Faithful to Designs?

Let us go back now to the true topic of this article. How does one make use of the features in the app to make sure that your field teams are keeping to what the client has in mind for their gardens?

First, you have Resources Feature of the package. Using their iOS or Android mobile devices, your mobile workforce will be able to download the needed resources that can help them do their job better so that when they do require it, it is simply at the tip of their fingertips. So, when you have a new client come in with their requirements, you input this into a digital client intake form that is then uploaded to the Resources database of Commercial Landscaping App. After that, you can simply assign a read-only form to the landscaper assigned to this particular client so he can have a set of references for his job. In addition, you can also request reference images from the client that you can make visible to the team concerned.

Now, the next part that comes is quality control. You have to make sure that your mobile workforce r is indeed following the client’s specifications for the project. People can try their best, but you simply can’t trust their first output right away. Because Commercial Landscaping App totally supports image sharing, you can request your field landscapers to take a picture of their work at the end of their day for a report. You can then share these images with the client for feedback.

So, you see, you can now easily take care of that one integral part of your business that gives a lot of headaches to entrepreneur and employee alike – satisfying the customer. The best thing here is you as a manager need not spend a lot of time in between ascertaining the work of your employees and then submitting the results to the customers. It saves you time, and eases up a lot of the stress that will certainly be encountered had you not invested in the app.

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