Manage Multiple Projects like a General with App for Landscapers

Manage Multiple Projects like a General with App for Landscapers

Published on: 22-10-2014 | by Misty in App for Landscapers, Landscapers App, Landscaping App, Paperless, Mobile Workforce

The SEALs have this saying, ‘The only easy day was yesterday.’ While business is not as difficult as Special Forces training, it is not that easy either. That is especially true when you’re running a landscaping business and servicing multiple clients. You see, landscaping is a customized experience and it is your job as entrepreneur to make sure that your teams of expert landscapers are doing what they can to make their outputs as personalized to the clients’ wishes as they could.

In the old days, you would have to have somebody keeping an eye on what your teams are working on and comparing their current outputs to printouts or any reference materials that the client gives your company to work on. They will take full charge of the project and report back to home base. That is, actually, very cumbersome and time-consuming.

However, today, there is a paperless solution that you can subscribe to that will help you streamline your business process as well as enable you to seamlessly manage multiple projects at once.

So What Is This Solution?

The solution we are talking about is called the App for Landscapers, which is becoming the rage today with your competitors if you haven’t noticed yet. With this in your inventory, plus an army of mobile devices, you can then work on turning your landscaping business into a very efficient machine, capable of taking on any challenges that you put it to… kind of like the Navy SEALS, really.

How Do You Manage More Than One Project With It?

First off, the App for Landscapers has one feature that allows you to establish a centralized monitoring system with which you can, literally, find out about the status of each field team at a glance. Remember that scene in Black Hawk Down where General Garrison simply just looks at the myriad of TV screens and he knows what each team is doing and he simply tells the radioman to contact this and that? Well, of course, Landscapers App is not exactly like that but it’s that kind of accessibility of information we’re talking about here.

Instead, you are equipped with a centralized Web-based Portal or Dashboard, complete with a Maps feature that allows you to pinpoint the location of your mobile workforce at any given moment. Not only that, each pin in the map representing a team of expert landscapers can be expanded to show the current and past status messages of that particular team. With this, you can review your teams’ status messages in only minutes and you can get a good grasp of the situation in the field.

Like a general in the field, the businessman needs to be updated on the status of his workforces and what resources they require or have available in order to manage different situations effectively. Landscaping App can help turn your current organization into a disciplined and productive unit like the Special Forces.

Discover more ways to manage multiple projects like a general with App for Landscapers. Take our tour today!

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