How to Use the Landscape App without Internet Connection

How to Use the Landscape App without Internet Connection

Published on: 12-11-2014 | by Misty in Landscape App, App for Landscapers, Mobile Workforce, Mobile Forms

One of the things that make the Landscape App worth investing in is the fact that it allows your workers to send and receive information instantly on their mobile devices. This data is simply transported through a working Internet connection, regardless if it’s mobile Internet or a Wi-Fi connection. However, what happens when your mobile workforce is working in an environment where there is no Internet connection?

Possible Scenarios Where Internet May Not Be Available

How can it be possible that your workforce has no access to Internet? Here are a few scenarios that this problem could arise for your landscaping company:

You did not invest in a mobile Internet plan.
Mobile Internet is another important investment to make together with the App for Landscapers. This will ensure that you have mobile Internet connection for your workforce to send data in real-time back to your headquarters.

There is no mobile Internet signal in the project area.
While it is advantageous to invest in a mobile Internet plan, one of its weaknesses is the fact that mobile carriers’ signals can be unavailable in a few places. When the project area is in one of those blind spots, then your mobile workforce has a problem.

The Wi-Fi signal in the area does not reach the project premises.
If the project is in a commercial building’s premises, there could be situations where the Wi-Fi signal is weak or unavailable in the project area. This will pose problems for your teams of landscapers when using the Landscape App.

So What Happens In These Cases?

While it may appear to be a throwback, this actually is not a problem at all for your mobile teams. They can still continue to fill up the form, provided that they have already downloaded the needed mobile forms through the app beforehand, and then send it. While it may not arrive right away in your Portal, the form is actually tagged as ‘for syncing.’ The copy in the mobile device is no longer accessible, which means the data is already secure but is still waiting to be transmitted back.

So what do your employees do in this case? They can simply move on to the next task they have in their queue where they might have Internet access already available. You see, when the Landscape App is able to connect to the Internet, it automatically synchronizes any unsent mobile forms with the server in your headquarters. The information is then conveyed through the superhighway and into the Portal.

In other words, the momentary loss of an Internet connection is not going to be a major setback for your mobile workforce. There could be delays in receiving the information, but only a few minutes at most. It doesn’t critically affect your real-time management of your workforce.

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