How to Integrate Your Old Systems into Landscape Apps

How to Integrate Your Old Systems into Landscape Apps

Published on: 19-11-2014 | by Misty in Landscape Apps, Landscapers App, App for Landscapers, Paperless, Enterprise Mobility, Mobile Workforce

One typical scenario in a company that invests in a new software system – they have to spend a lot of money and time to establish the new system and spend more in training their employees how to use that new process. You, as a landscaper, certainly do not have the time or money for that especially when you already have so many clients to serve.

But changes are inevitable, they say. We have taken that into mind when we were developing the Landscape App for entrepreneurs like you. That is because you do not need to discard your legacy database and workflows when you install this revolutionary new system for your landscaping business.

Simply Export Data for Use in Your Existing System

Landscapers App allows you to provide a Landscape App solution for your experts on the field. They can use this to make reports on what’s going on in the field to update your folks in headquarters. Now, where do these reports and information go? They head straight to the Portal, where they can be accessed by admin personnel, including you, as the entrepreneur. That might be where you think everything is at a dead end but this is where your old systems Landscapers App into play.

What you do at this point is simply export any information that you need to your existing database and applications. There are standard formats used in business today, understandably, and the Landscape Apps are designed to output information into these formats for use in word processing and spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Office. That’s only one solution – there are 199 more solutions available for system integration with the app.

You Get a Robust and Fully Flexible Software Solution

You know what you have in your hands when you invest in the App for Landscapers? You have not only a paperless and mobile solution that provides your company with enterprise mobility, but you also have a solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing database and information processing systems. This will help save you time and money – not only in paper expenses, but also time and expenditures related to training your mobile workforce in using the app’s capabilities.

You can sign the contract to subscribe to this service, and get it up and running in perhaps less than a week afterwards. You need not wait long to reap the benefits that you have sown in investing in this app.

Learn more about the Landscape Apps and the excellent returns of this investment for your landscaping company. Take our tour today!

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