Formitize’s Landscapers App Can Transform Workflows for Landscaping Businesses

Formitize’s Landscapers App Can Transform Workflows for Landscaping Businesses

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SYDNEY, Australia November 2014 – Formitize is announcing the release of Landscapers App – a mobile solution designed to revolutionize the way landscapers do their work and how their proprietors oversee and manage their employees’ workflows.

What Landscapers App Offers

This Free Software for Landscapers is delightfully easy to use and can integrate into any existing workflows for landscaping businesses worldwide. For start-up landscapers or those that are barely into their fifth year of operation, the App for Landscapers is an investment that lets them enjoy returns almost immediately.

Benefits of Landscapers

It is important for businesses to understand their investment fully by educating themselves on the possible benefits that Landscapers can provide for their company. The Landscaping Software arms the landscaping enterprise with excellent features that will totally transform its working environment.

These include:

• Total mobility for the mobile workforce
The app allows the company to attain 100% enterprise mobility. Employees can now rely fully on their mobile devices to perform specific functions. For instance, they can download much-needed resources such as landscaping plans and other details from the app’s Resources e-Library into their mobile devices. They also simplify management for the company’s admin staff using the mobile forms that they submit back to headquarters.

• Ease in compiling billing reports
One of the important functions that the Landscaping App addresses is billing. Now, one can easily generate a detailed paperless billing report with timesheets and other necessary details that justify the billing statement. The company saves time as clients can see exactly what they are paying for and it also helps make employees happier by preventing delays in payroll.

• Seamless workflows
Each process is composed of several milestones or events that a specific employee overlooks within a business organization. Now, the Commercial Landscaping App makes it possible to create and maintain a workflow that contacts each person assigned to a specific step in the process when the previous step has been accomplished by a colleague. That way, they can take action as quickly as possible and, thus, achieve an efficient and seamless workflow.

• Unparalleled transparency
Now, the landscaping company can see 99.9% transparency in their reporting and monitoring processes. The Management Portal holds all the information that the admin needs at a glance, including time spent for each task, the current task that a team or an employee is working on, and a complete timeline of what people have worked on that day.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “There is a world of benefits and advantages that Landscapers has in store for its users. These are benefits that every master landscaper should be enjoying, so it is time for entrepreneurs to start thinking about investing in this new technology for their business.”

Learn how Landscapers App can transform business organizations. Take the tour today!

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