Formitize Introduces Efficient Monitoring for Engineers with Engineers App

Formitize Introduces Efficient Monitoring for Engineers with Engineers App

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SYDNEY, Australia November 2014 – Formitize proudly announces its new Engineers App – a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use management software that aims to provide a powerful paperless solution for engineers across Australia and around the world.

Using the Engineers Software, engineers management businesses can enjoy the experience of having an efficient, transparent, and productive construction team that their admin staff can monitor effectively and in real time. This capability has never been possible before. Today, Formitize makes this technology available to engineers and engineering management businesses worldwide.

Engineers App at a Glance

Engineers have so much to deal with, including managing a not-so-small number of contracted tradesmen, with each of them handling a different task in the whole project. Formitize’s Engineers App enables construction professionals to shake off one more burden from their shoulders. They say “Hello!” to a world where everyone is doing their jobs with the surgical precision and methodical nature that engineers operate with.

Engineers App Features

This Software for Engineers is capable of the following features with respect to efficient management and monitoring:

Real-time Reporting
Managing is inherently difficult; what makes it even more demanding is when there is no reporting system in place that allows for real-time updates. This has not been possible in the past because of the limitations in technology. However, mobile technology has allowed this Engineers Software to achieve not only a real-time solution for submission of reports, but also a paperless system that, jointly, are able to streamline the management process further.

The real-time nature of reporting using the App for Engineers also allows for two-way interaction between field teams and management staff. Requests for revision can be quickly made after reviewing the report, and the mobile workforce can accommodate these requests easily and in an expedited manner.

Efficient Monitoring
Real-time reporting is also coupled with the means to have an efficient monitoring system. The Engineering App centralizes all information through cloud computing to a Web-based Management Portal where the information from the digital forms can be viewed and downloaded. In addition, management can get a snapshot of the actual status of each team or each member of the engineering teams in the field.

Unparalleled Security Features
Last but not the least, the Engineers Apps feature three-level security and access rights that help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data by lower-ranking employees.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “Engineers enables your engineering teams to download digital copies of essential documentation, such as construction plans and specifications for projects they are working on. Paperwork is no longer necessary, with the Resource e-Library allowing your mobile workforce to download copies of important information into their mobile devices.”

Engineers can have a field day with the implementation of Engineers App into their existing systems. A tour of this Engineering Software’s features is necessary in order to get a solid grasp of how this powerful paperless app can help change the management landscape for any engineering firm.

Discover how Engineers App can promote efficient monitoring for engineers. Take our tour today!

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